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A Level Spanish Trip to Valencia

From the 15th-18th March, three students taking Spanish for A level, accompanied by Ms Adnany and Mr Dennis, embarked on their trip to Spain to join in the celebrations of ‘Las Fallas,’ a traditional festival celebrated every year since the 18th century. Not
only was the festival a great opportunity for the pupils to practise their speaking skills, ‘Las Fallas’ is studied under the culture category on the A level specification.

‘During our time in Valencia, we witnessed many aspects of Spanish culture and of course the festival in particular. On the first day, we explored the City, taking in our surroundings, and absorbing the elements of the festival such as the parades, music and decoration that consumed the streets. Moreover, on the second morning, we began the climb up numerous steps to reach the top of Valencia Cathedral where we are able to take photographs and view the whole of the city in the scorching hot weather. On that afternoon, we watched ‘La Ofrenda’ in the square (La Plaza de la Virgen) where a statue of the Virgin Mary was commemorated with flowers by ‘las falleras’ (Valencians wearing traditional outfits).

On the final day, we visited ‘La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias,’ an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex, one of the 12 treasures of Spain. Every day there were different events available to us, for example, we experienced ‘La Mascleta’ which is a magnificent firework display that takes place at 2pm and lasts for five minutes, as well as ‘castillo de fuegos artificiales’ (nighttime fireworks) that take place at 1am and last for half an hour.

Finally, we undoubtedly embraced Spanish culture, trying different types of food and drink like: Tapas, horchata, churros, and buñuelos; ordering in Spanish of course!’

19 March 2019

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