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R11 Clarice Cliff Designs

R11 started the new term learning about colour.  We started out making a colour wheel and blending our own primary, secondary and tertiary shades before talking about colour association and how some colours are hot and some cold.  After we had exhausted our experimentation we began researching a lady called Clarice Cliff.

Clarice Cliff was an Art Deco artist who specialized in ceramics.  Her bold, colourful pottery captured the imagination of the pupils who soon began creating their very own designs for a tea set that can be viewed in the PE corridor on display. To complete our term and entwine all our knowledge we embarked on a clay plate project, using Clarice Cliff and seasons as our inspiration.

The R11 pupils rolled out their own clay and scored a pattern before they were fired in the kiln.  After this, coloured glaze was added followed by an overglaze to add shine and protection. Days seemed like weeks as pupils waited for the plates to cool before removing from the kiln.  However, once the plates were removed, the pupils were delighted with themselves as they viewed their individual, colourful works of art.

This has been fantastic term’s work R11 and you have produced absolutely beautiful work.  You should all be very proud.

Mrs Cooper & Mrs Crowley-Davies.

21 January 2014

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