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R14 RE Buddhist Festival

On our final General RE lesson for this term, R14 culminated all their research and hard work on Buddhism by celebrating a variety of festivals celebrated by the followers of Buddha.

Pupils worked in groups to research such festivals as Esala Perahera, Songkran and Wesak.  They found out about each festival’s symbolism and reason for celebration, developing a presentation to deliver back to the group. Everyone should be commended on their enthusiasm and efforts today.  The standard of work and manner in which pupils undertook this task was outstanding.

After each group presented their festival, they had a small party game to entertain the crowds relating to their particular celebration.  These included a shadow puppet show, meditation station, rain dance, ice cube melting race and a blindfolded ‘place the tooth in the mouth’ to symbolise the festival of Buddha’s tooth!

All pupils were rewarded with Thai crackers, chilli dip and chocolate cake washed down with a variety of  tropical juices to complete the festival vibe!  Well done, R14.

Mrs Crowley-Davies & Mr Milton.

18 February 2014

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