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Historians Travel to Poland as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz Project

‘After we had arrived in Poland, we travelled to the town of Oswiecim, where we walked around the nearby Jewish cemetery (The town of Oswiecim was renamed ‘Auschwitz’ by the Nazis when they invaded Poland).

We first visited Auschwitz I, the camp which was mainly used to house non-Jewish prisoners, before travelling to Auschwitz Birkenau, the death camp used to exterminate the Jews or ‘gypsy’ prisoners. The sheer scale of this four hundred acre camp had the largest effect on me during the whole experience.

Our day drew to a close at the Jewish war memorial in Birkenau where we listened to a memorial service led by a rabbi. It was highly emotional, especially as it was extremely dark by this point in the day. After the service we lit candles and placed them on the train tracks in commemoration of the hundreds of thousands of Jews who suffered and died on these tracks.’ Account by Matthew Barbato (L6th).

Mr J. Neville.

19 February 2014

Sixth Form News