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R8 – Walking with Romans

R8 had a wet but wonderful day in Caerleon. We started the day joining the legion and learning how to march and respond to Latin commands. We enjoyed hearing about the gladiators in the amphitheatre. We even roared when Nell and John pretended to be gladiators!

Then we visited the Centurion’s barracks. Nobody fancied sleeping there!

Next, we enjoyed the Floralia, the Festival of Spring. The slaves served delicious food such as:
Snails in garlic sauce; Stuffed dormouse; Peacock brain; Roman wine; then we made room for our tasty dessert of oysters.

We heard about how tough life was as a slave, especially in a chain gang! We’re glad that we go to school instead of being sold as Roman slaves!

After lunch we were able to wear Roman armoury and visit Valerius’ barracks – it was fascinating!

Our last stop was at the Fortress Baths. We had such an interesting time looking for footsteps and seeing the different areas after learning about them this term.

Thank you R8 for being so fantastic! Very wet but smiles all round!

Mrs Burleton

9 June 2019

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