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R10 Residential 2019 to Rock UK

R10 had the chance to experience an exhilarating adventure at Rock UK. They pushed boundaries, widened their horizons, grew in confidence and discovered capabilities they didn’t know they had. The pupils learnt so many important skills which could not be caught on camera even though the staff tried their uppermost, but will be ingrained in their memories for the rest of their lives.
The pupils comprehended the meaning of resilience from taking part in the numerous activities from archery to abseiling. Through the activities, the children had a chance to view setbacks as learning opportunities. The pupils learnt how to be confident when faced with a challenge: this included being away from home for the first time for some of our pupils, to trying new activities sometimes ones they might have felt nervous about beforehand such as the Aerial Adventure.

The pupils further developed the skill of working together to achieve certain tasks and challenges, developing listening skills, communication and trust within the year group. The activity of Craft Building taught the children how to evaluate a situation, plan a strategy of execution and then execute that strategy. The Blind Folded River Task helped the R10’s develop a level of understanding and trust in each other throughout the task. Watching the R10’s overcome fears was very rewarding. They were encouraged to think positively about tackling new challenges. The ability to take on challenges and overcome fears helps to develop a ‘can do’ approach to life which we hope the pupils can embrace for years to come.

The R10’s Residential has been overwhelmingly positive. The children have taken part safely in so many non-forgettable experiences which will shape their minds for the future and will have such a beneficial and long lasting impact. When the pupils were asked would they like to go back to Rock UK again the response was a unanimous “YES.”

17 June 2019

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