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R9 Cog Moors Wastewater Treatment Works

Thursday 6th March was an extremely wet day but that didn’t deter R9 from visiting the Cog Moors Wastewater Treatment Works as part of their study of the right to clean water for all.

The morning was spent in the education centre where the pupils learnt about the need to conserve water and how to make their homes a more water efficient environment. They worked out that just one dripping tap could waste as much as 300 baths full of water in a year!

In the afternoon the children experienced life in a mock African village. They learnt how to use a well to get water from the ‘local river’ and how heavy it was to carry it all back home! They then had to make decisions on how best to divide the water between drinking, cooking, cleaning, feeding animals and growing vegetables.  ‘The next day’ they were given the gift of water sanitizer tablets provided at the village by an organisation like ‘Water Aid’. The pupils were able to see that by not having to spend time going out to fetch the water that there was a lot more time to spend in the village.  “We had more time to cook and we were able to grow more vegetables which we traded for items like chickens, eggs and soap (which made cleaning easier!).“

We got very wet but that didn’t spoil the fun! The pupils were able to learn so much about the life of people less fortunate than themselves and the right to provide clean water for all.

6 March 2014

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