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R9 Tudor History Trip to Llancaiach Fawr

Junior pupils transported to the Tudor period on a trip to Llancaich Fawr Manor

R9 stepped back in time, spending a day at Llancaiach Fawr. They looked fabulous in their costumes with Elizabeth and Theo dressing as royal visitors. The children toured the house, meeting the music master and making lavender bags to ward off the plague. Ansha sat as the judge in the court session held in the Great Hall. However, R9 soon discovered that life could be hard for Tudor children as Adi explains; “Jacob had to turn the spit for 10 hours and he had to sleep under the kitchen table.”

Sinead describes how meals were taken by the Prichard family in the panelled parlour, “the children were not allowed to sit on the furniture as you had to be over twelve.”

In the afternoon the children took part in a pike drill and quickly learnt that it is not so easy to co-ordinate. “The real pikes are 8 metres long. I held a half-size pike and it was very heavy!” remarked Crina. The award for bravery went to Ella who volunteered to be the barber surgeon’s patient.

Mrs Firth.

13 May 2014

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