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R11 History Trip to Cardiff Castle

R11 had a wonderful day experiencing life in the Second World War. An ARP Warden, Mark, spoke to the pupils about the war and everybody enjoyed hearing different stories. His lively presentation made for an interesting time. We were able to see many things such as rations portions, bombshells and radio sets. Some pupils tried on gas masks and we were all surprised by the infant gas masks! At the end of this session, we went outside and used stirrup pumps to see how ARP wardens extinguished small fires.

After a quick lunch, we were off to the tunnels in Cardiff Castle that were used as air-raid shelters during WW2. We were led to the tunnels by Dean who told us all about ARP wardens and how they kept the people of Britain safe during the war. It was an emotional experience to hear Chamberlain’s speech announcing the war in the tunnels and to imagine how it would have felt to spend time there during air raids.

We then joined Elizabeth to sing WW2 songs and learn about their meaning. Singing “Hey Little Hen” was such fun! The teachers received several compliments about R11s behaviour from the Castle staff. Well done, R11!

5 October 2019

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