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R8 History Trip to Caerleon

Earlier this month, R8 spent the day at Caerleon, beginning with an hour in the museum looking at artefacts.  “We were like archaeologists,” explained Kelsie.  Next, the children participated in two workshops.  Anish reports,“We acted as rich Romans and slaves. The rich Romans ate dormice, snails and peacock brains.”

“I liked the barrack room where eight soldiers lived. There were suits of armour which we all tried on,” added Sam.
Varshnay continued, “In the afternoon, we went to the bath house. The floor was burning hot so the Romans wore sandals. We saw a strigil which was used to scrape the dirt off you.”  Conor: “I liked trying on the gladiator’s helmet.”

The children also visited the amphitheatre to experience Roman drill.  Dylan O remarked “My favourite was when we had a battle. Dylan J and Joseph were the centurions.”  The day provided a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to experience life in Roman times. They all thought it was a fun trip as Aryan explained: “The Roman name for Caerleon was Isca. My favourite part was when we were fighting with swords and bow and arrows. I really want to go again.”

Mrs Firth.

20 June 2014

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