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R10 Pirate Day at Port Eynon

On 11th June the sun shone at Port Eynon as the pirates from R10 worked on improving their mapping skills. The aim at the end of the day was to discover Luca’s hidden treasure.  The day began with lots of practice at using compasses, following different directions and bearings.  Why didn’t everyone end up where they should have been?  Soon everyone got the hang of it and it was time to set off in groups to follow the hidden clues in search of the treasure.  At each location the pupils collected stamps on their cards and finally they arrived at the castle ruins where they had to piece together a map to locate the treasure. Each group collected its share of the contraband and, following some questions, pupils were able to swap this for their own gold coin. Before returning home the pupils paired up and built their own desert islands using anything they could find on the beach.  Next they had to bury their gold coin and draw a map for their partner to find it. Did any coins go missing?  No, R10 were brilliant at drawing their maps!

Here are some of the comments the pupils made: It was such fun. I want to go again. I loved the story about Luca the pirate. Can I be a pirate now I can use a compass? I loved collecting the stamps. Yes there was real treasure! The best part was building our own islands and burying the coins. Please can we go back when we are in R11.

Mrs Thompson.

11 June 2014

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