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F1 in Schools R12 Race Day and House Competition

On Tuesday the 14th January, R12 comprising of 13 different Entry class teams and two Development teams from R13 arrived in the sports hall to compete to represent SJC at the F1 in Schools Regional Final. We welcomed the team from EESW STEM Cymru who kindly milled the cars and brought the 20-metre track for the teams to race upon.

During the Advent term, R12 had spent their DT sessions learning about F1 in schools. Topics included aerodynamics, manufacturing and team identity. Each class were also lucky to see the planning and preparation for our Pro team INFINITY RACING as they got ready for the World Finals in Abu Dhabi in November. This definitely spurred the teams into action, even if they weren’t quite prepared for the extra sessions that it took to complete all the work in time.
Despite problems with the CAD software, by the start of term each team had a polyurethane car that they could decorate and race. The teams were also required to create a Pit Stop that advertised their team and an engineering portfolio that demonstrated their knowledge of the car.
On Monday night before the race, each team had members stay late to complete their tasks. The DT rooms were bursting with the PE corridors becoming extra space to complete the A1 pit stops!
On Race Day the school was a hive of activity as each team publicised their name with competitions and freebies. Pit stops were assembled and the hall started to fill. Racing started at 1.45 with teams going head to head, nerves were jangling as the “drivers” watched the count down and pressed the trigger to pierce the co2 canister that powers the car.
The fastest car after the first round of racing was Team MAGMA but they lost their title to HYPERSHOCK in the knockout races – very exciting!
Pitstops this year were of a high standard. FIRESTORM were the winners after the judging team decided that their traffic light system of explanation and CAD drawings were most informative. Teams also completed a 5-minute presentation at the Pit explaining what they had learnt throughout the term. Special mention at this point should be given to the Development team Blackout; the judges wrote only the word “awesome” on their presentation marking scheme!
After a terrific afternoon of racing and judging – Thank you to INFINITY RACING, Mrs Bate, Mr Moody, Mr Tertois, Miss Thomas, Mr Jones, Mr Turner, Hannah and Steve – it was time for the award ceremony.
The judges’ special award for team spirit and enthusiasm went to James C who celebrated like he’d won the Grand Prix! VIPER racing was also commended for their resilience over the previous week.
In 3rd place were VIPER, in 2nd place VELOCITY in 1st place “In House Champs” and our ENTRY class team at Regionals FIRESTORM.
Thank you to everyone involved, especially our team from EESW and good luck at Regionals on February 6th.

20 January 2020

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