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Chess Swiss Tournament

The two day, five round, Chess Swiss Tournament running on Thursday and Friday of half-term was a very successful event with 18 participants.

The prizes were split into two groups – Over 11 and Under 12 boys and girls.  The results have been submitted to the live rating centre, www.liveratingcentre.com, where pupils can see their chess rating performance.

Congratulations to Ethan C and Soraya W who were awarded the top positions in the Under 12 section this year.

Under 12 Section


1st: Ethan C – 4/5 points, 2nd: Anish C – 3/5 points, 3rd: Prize: Rhys T – 2/5 points


1st: Soraya W – 2/5  points, 2nd: Zakra R – 2/5  (1+bye) points, 3rd (Joint): Akshara N and Sophia A – 1/5 point.

Over 11 Section

1st (Joint): Daniel S, Aron C, Amin G, Callum M-J – 4/5 points, 2nd: N/A, 3rd: N/A.

A three round play-off will ensue after half term to determine the positions above. This section was absolutely nail biting, with the last game of the tournament forcing a four way play-off!

To help celebrate the end of the tournament, pupils were given ‘vampire’ sweets and Heroes chocolates, which were surprisingly popular.

All our pupils scored points. A credit worthy mention must also be given to the other competitors, without whom the competition would not have been so exciting – Rishi P, Daniel J, Thurin V, Nicky N, Jack A, Aryon M, and Thomas C.

Thanks was given to the headmaster, Dr Neville, for his immense support and allowing the tournament to take place.  Thanks was also given to Mr Russell Dodington, our chief arbiter and chess coach for the two days, Mr Tim Kett for pre-tournament coaching and chess etiquette, Mrs Siromani, Mrs Ghabamlou and Mr Chung for helping to look after the pupils between matches, and finally to Mr Chung who acted as photographer.

Please also see the Minor League section of the East Glamorgan Chess League website for regular updates on our teams’ successes: http://www.egca.org.uk/

Dr Howells.

31 October 2014

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