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R15 Biology Trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales

R15 enjoyed an educational visit to the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. The aim of the visit was to collect data from natural sources of pollution in the area. The pupils used natural indicators such as lichen and pond species to determine the air and water quality.

Pupils found many varied species in the ponds such as Bloodworms, Caddis Fly larvae and Pond Skaters They also became experts on crusty, shrubby and leafy lichen as air pollution indicators. Much data was collected regarding the water quality in the Gardens. Pupils measured the acidity, temperature, dissolved solids and oxygen availability of the water.

Following a very busy and productive day, pupils returned to Cardiff with enough data for future analysis.  Well done, R15.

Mrs Evans.

7 October 2014

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