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ESU Public Speaking Competition

St John's College team at ESU Churchill National Public Speaking Competition 2014

On Monday afternoon, three R16 pupils took part in the ESU Churchill National Public Speaking Competition at Bishop of Llandaff High School.  Queena L was the Chairperson, Michael L was the Speaker and Nila J was the Questioner.  Michael’s topic was ‘Ideology is extinct in British politics’.  The judges gave positive and constructive comments about the St John’s team. They praised the content of Michael’s speech, calling it ‘informative and well researched’. Michael responded to questions with ‘enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject’. Nila’s questions ‘developed an argument’ and entered into ‘a flexible dialogue’ with the guest speaker, using points he raised in answers to enquire of him further. The judges said they immediately had faith in Queena as a speaker because in her introduction her voice was ‘clear and confident, her manner engaging’.

The judges suggested that, in a strong field, all participating teams deserved to be put through and commended the extra curricular time and effort put in by all the staff and students.

Miss Read & Mr J. Neville.

8 December 2014

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