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R11 Enterprise Week

The R11 enterprise week took place at the beginning of November.  On the first day pupils were put into mixed groups and were given a team-building task to make a spaghetti tower.  In the afternoon they decided on roles for each team member.  They then decided what they were going to produce as a business and gave themselves a company name.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, each group began making their products.  It was a very busy couple of days and each group produced some fantastic products.  On Thursday they worked out cost and made advertising posters.  They also showed the other Junior and Infant pupils what they had made.

On the final day, they set up their stalls in imaginative and eye-catching ways ready for the big sale in the afternoon.  Each group were very successful and also thoroughly enjoyed the week, learning lots of new skills along the way.

Ella S. said, ‘I really enjoyed enterprise because it was fun and we made lots of things.’

Oscar H. said, ‘Enterprise was really good fun and interesting.  We learnt a lot.”

Mrs Kloosterman.

3 November 2014

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