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R12 English Trip to Cardiff University

‘On Friday 30th January, R12 went on an English trip to Cardiff University, where we learnt more about writing and about being an author. The best part of the trip was definitely meeting the authors Chris D’Lacey and Emma Carroll. It was inspiring to listen to them talk and learn about their writing techniques.

Emma Carroll, likes to use note books to jot down all her thoughts and ideas when she is writing a novel. She has only recently started writing children’s books. She told us about her first novel, ‘Frost Hollow Hall’. She read a fairly creepy scene from the book, which left me on a bit of a cliff hanger, making me want to know more.

The other author was Chris D’Lacey. He is also fiction writer, but he has been writing for about 15 years and has written many books. He showed us his china dragon figure that he had bought from a lady in Wales. He told us it had inspired him to write the series of books called ‘The Last Dragon Chronicles’. He also told us a story about a pigeon he found that was close to death and he rescued it. He took it home and put it in a cardboard box and looked after it until it was better. When it was time to release it, he drove miles away and set it free. When he returned back home, his wife spotted that very same pigeon was sitting on top of their shed. This pigeon, he said also inspired him to write his novel ‘A Dark Inheritance’. The book is about a boy who uses his feelings to travel from one place to another so fast that he cannot be seen.

The last person to speak to us, read from the works of Roald Dahl. He also gave us a talk on the life of the author. I was surprised to find out that Roald Dahl had written novels for adults before he started writing children’s books.

I really enjoyed this trip. I would like to one day go to the Hay-On-Wye book festival to see and hear from lots of different authors and listen to them tell their tales.’

Sadie H (R12).

30 January 2015

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