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R9 Visit to Cog Moors Water Works

On 5th March R9 enjoyed a fun day out at Cog Moors Water Works. In the morning they attended a session on water efficiency and learnt about the different jobs that the water works does for us so that we receive clean water. It was very educational. During the afternoon we went on a journey to an African Village called Kayabwe, where we experienced what it would be like to live in a real African Village. The pupils were put into families and each given a hut with an animal and utensils to use. They then had to go on a long walk to fetch water from the local river. The children worked as a team to collect the water from the river using a shadoof. It was hard work. The journey back was even more tiring having to carry several litres of water. Once back at their houses the family had to decide how to use their water sparingly so that they could drink, feed their animal, wash themselves, wash their clothes, clean pots and pans and finally grow their crops. They found this challenging and time ran out before they had chance to get everything done.

The next part of the session involved some decision making. There had been a drought and the river had dried up! The only water was contaminated. What were they going to do? Luckily Water Aid arrived with help and clean water was supplied in the village. This was a completely different experience as the children had far more time to work and grow their crops. As a result they were able to trade their goods to get money so that they could buy more items. Rhys J said that this was his favourite part of the day and that he really enjoyed it.

Mrs Criddle

5 March 2015

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