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R12 Geography field trip to Ryer’s Down

R12 pupils participated in an activity day where they had to collect data in order to prepare an environmental report to help them decide if Ryer’s Down was a suitable location for a wind farm. The weather was sunny but windy and the pupils particularly enjoyed the pond dipping activity, resulting in some soggy feet but a great collection of insects and newts. The tree beating and sweeping using nets also resulted in pupils collecting a variety of insects. By sketching wind turbines onto a photo of the area the pupils began to realise the visual impact such a development would have on the area. The day concluded with a role play activity where pupils put forward the views of different groups. The debate was very lively and the vote at the end was split 50/50 as to whether it should be built or not. Many pupils commented that they had really enjoyed the day and it had made them realise decisions such as these can be very complex. The behaviour and enthusiasm of the pupils should be commended.

Mrs Cooke

23 April 2015

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