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R14 Trip to Blaenavon

The R14 end of year trip took us to the mountains of Blaenavon. We visited the world heritage site of The Ironworks. Here the guide dressed in 18th century costume and explained that at one time half the world’s iron was produced in South Wales. We could see the hills where the limestone was quarried and where the coal was mined. This was mixed in the giant kilns with local iron ore. We were then shown how pig iron was produced. We learned that workers had 12 hour shifts with one week of days and one of nights, with a day off on Sunday followed by the next Sunday working 24 hours. ┬áLife was grim and life expectancy was only 36!

We then stopped off at Rhymney Brewery, where we were shown how using different types of barley and hops helped to produce the different colours and flavours of beers. The whole brewing process was explained and we found out that it can be completed in a matter of days. Beer that was brewed on a Friday would be ready for consumption the following Saturday!

Finally we visited Big Pit. Underground gave us a real feel of the working conditions and hardship endured by the coal miners. It was very cold and very very dark! The tour guide was extremely entertaining and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their final visit of the day.

Mrs Evans

11 July 2015

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