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Middle School Enterprise Activities

In the Autumn term at St John’s College, enterprise activities are held for R12-14.  These activities are held with the view of developing communicating, creative, problem solving and team working skills for the future. These skills are essential in any profession and developing these at a young age only develop them further.

R12 this year had to demonstrate creativity and the ability to work as a team to design outfits out of raw materials such as newspaper and card, which were then presented by the team and judged by our very own teachers.

The R13 pupils took on different roles in their activity e.g. accountant, general foreman, site engineer etc. whilst reproducing a hidden model only seen by one pupil who was the architect. Pupils were only allowed to undertake specific tasks and eventually built a replica of the model. The team who produced the correct model and who had the closest value to the build won. 

R14 had the opportunity to complete a business based activity where the students were required to come up with ideas for a new product and design a marketing strategy to sell it. Pupils had to work through various stages and eventually produce a presentation. The activity focused on developing Key Skills of Working with others, Communication, Problem Solving, Listening and persuading.

All pupils did extremely well, really getting stuck in to the work. Well done everyone for their hard work, especially the winners!

Mrs Emms

16 October 2015

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