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PC Pope Visits Juniors

R10 – PC Pope: ‘I didn’t think’

First of all, PC Pope helped the children to understand what anti-social behaviour is and the children quickly came up with lots of ideas. The children watched a short clip showing how a young boy experienced peer pressure which caused him to take part in anti-social behaviour. The clip helped us understand how our actions can hurt people’s feelings, perhaps in more ways than we realise at the time. R10 then finished off by discussing how important it is to face the consequences of our actions.

Mrs Cooke and Mrs Taylor

R11 – PC Pope: Dangers of Drugs workshop

R11 did themselves proud in their workshop this afternoon with PC Pope. They had a mature approach to the workshop based around the dangers of drugs. The children took part in thought-provoking discussions on both legal and illegal drugs. Highlights for the children included taking part in role plays to help illustrate important points and a card sort to find out about the different levels of alcohol in drinks available to over eighteens.

Mrs Taylor and Miss McManus

20 April 2016

Junior School News