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R13 Latin Trip to Caerleon

On Friday 22nd April R13 Latin students travelled to Caerleon to learn about daily life for soldiers based in Britain during the Roman occupation. Our excellent guide, Dr David Howell, led us on a lively if rain sodden tour of the amphitheatre and military barracks. Next we visited the museum to examine artefacts uncovered near the site, including the coffin and skeleton of a Roman soldier. After lunch pupils participated in workshops in which they learned about the differing roles and expectations of boys and girls in Roman times. There was also an opportunity to dress up in armour and helmets and (carefully!) to brandish swords and shields. Lastly we visited the Roman baths where blue lighting effects and a recorded soundscape of voices and splashing water brought the place back to life. Pupils behaved impeccably throughout the day, offering many insightful comments and sensible questions, their spirits undampened despite the wind and rain! Many thanks to all who were involved.

Miss Read

22 April 2016

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