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R11 Enterprise Week

On 7th -11th March the R11 pupils participated in Enterprise Week, where they were put into mixed groups of 6 or 7 children in order to run a mini business. After some team building activities, they had to decide on roles within their group and on the products they wished to make. Each team also chose a company name.

They spent two full days making their products to sell on Friday to other year groups, teachers and parents. They then had to work out costs; advertise their company; pitch their products to younger pupils and finally set up their stall. The sale went extremely well, with very few items left at the end.

The R11 pupils enjoyed the week, especially selling their products on Friday afternoon. They also learnt some valuable skills about running a business and working together as a team. Winning team was ‘Make it Funny’ – well done to Harshita, Adi, Theo, Ji-Eun and Isa.

Mrs Kloosterman

11 March 2016

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