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R11 History Trip to Cardiff Castle

Shortly before the half-term break R11 enjoyed a visit to Cardiff Castle to enrich their History studies of the Second World War.  They started the experience with a wartime sing-song during which they learnt two songs of the time, “We’ll meet again..” and “Hey little hen..”  Following that they were met by an ARP warden who set the scene and guided them through the wartime shelters in the banks to the side of the castle grounds.

In the shelter they heard the sounds of sirens warning of air raids and bombs being dropped. They were told about the reasons for Cardiff being a target and tried to imagine what it would have been like staying in the shelters for hours a t a time. Later in the day the pupils were met by another ARP warden who talked to them about life for everyone during the war, the role of ARP wardens, how women took on many new roles and showed a variety of artefacts.  Some of the pupils got to try on gas masks and at the end of the trip everyone was involved in a team race using stirrup pumps and hoses.

Mrs Clint

18 October 2016

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