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Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2017

The Mathematics Department is pleased to announce the results of the recent Intermediate Maths Challenge, run by the University of Leeds. We are thrilled that a huge number of our talented students have achieved certificates in this year’s competition. The results are as follows:

Gold Certificate and Best in Year

Daniel S (R16), Mary W (R15), Aviral B (R14)

Mary W has also received the Best in School Award, scoring an incredible 127 points out of a possible 135.

Gold Certificate

Harini S, Suyash A, Aidan B, Edward X, Neil M, William W, Sachin P

Silver Certificate

Richard D-S, Marco A, Rowan D, Alif A, Joseph S, Charles B, Shyon K, Alan M, Nicky N, Annalisa A, Lucheng X, Jasmine S, Dylan O, Anlan Q, Benjamin A, Joshua W, Leon C, Kasim A, Luca A.

Bronze Certificate

Olivia M, Jade B, Aron C, Jasmine C, Joel E, Kelly Y, Niamh F, Ellinor W, Sameera O, Ted C, Owen S, Kimaya M, Irene T, Menglin L.

Well done to all!

We also have a record number of pupils who have qualified for the next round of the competition. They are: Daniel S, Mary W, William W, Neil M, Aidan B, Suyash A, Edward X, Aviral B, Sachin P, Lucheng X, Jasmine S and Dylan O. This will take place on Thursday 16th March. Good luck to you all!

Miss Owen

28 February 2017

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