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R14 & L6 History Trip to The Imperial War Museum

On 15th March, 40 pupils from R14 and the Lower Sixth visited the Imperial War Museum in London to consolidate and enhance their learning on the effect of the Second Word War on the lives of the people of Britain. In spite of the very early start, pupils and staff found the visit to be both informative and enjoyable. Pupils were amazed by the size of the museum and the artefacts.

One pupil commented that there was ‘a vast variety of information from the moment I walked in to the moment I left’. Others commented that they had not only been able to put their classroom based learning into context but had also gained a better understanding of how different people’s lives had been during that period of history. Seeing items they had read about in class and having the opportunity to sample sitting in bomb shelters really brought History alive; ‘the VI and VII bombs were awe inspiring as we looked up at them from the entrance hall – their destructive capacity all too apparent’. In comparison ‘the Anderson and Morrison shelters seemed too flimsy to ever have been of any protection against such weapons’. Our driver was able to take us on a brief tour of some of the London sites before we returned home.

We are now looking forward to seeing the pupils’ online exhibitions of life in Britain during the Second World War.

Mrs Bryan Jones

15 March 2017

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