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Peer-to-peer Reading

A peer-to-peer reading session this term with all Junior pupils has proved a great success. The drive to improve reading levels permeates throughout the Juniors. During this session the older R11/R10 pupils listened to the younger R9/R8 pupils read, modelling the one-to-one reading process normally conducted by staff. Many of the older children became very adept teachers. One R10 pupil explained to me he had taught his younger buddy how to use the contents and index page of the book he was reading.

The cross tutoring was very effective. The younger children talked about their enjoyment of reading with their R10 buddy. The older R10 buddy was reminded just how important it was to learn to read and to be able to read confidently. They also learned how to help others read e.g. making sure they looked at the words carefully, asked the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary and were encouraged to discuss and talk about the text they read in detail.

Miss R Nirenberg

20 February 2018

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