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Heart Dissections in R14 Science

During this term, R14 have been learning about blood and the circulatory system in line with the WJEC Biology specification. Pupils have recently had the opportunity to dissect pig’s hearts in order to see the structure inside and how the heart works. This was rewarding for the pupils as many had struggled to understand how the all the components work together in order for blood to be transported around the body.

“We took part in a heart dissection. It really helped us to get hands on a pig’s heart and understand the journey of the blood around the heart. We were able to cut the different chambers and see the valves allowing the blood to move. We tested the strength of the tendons and couldn’t break them. It was a great experience and many of the class are already thinking of becoming surgeons.” – Jack K

“It was very good. We got to look at a pig’s heart. We saw the Aorta and the Pulmonary Artery and found out that the left ventricle is a lot thicker than the ventricle on the right!” – Oscar H

“The dissection was a great chance for us to see what we have been learning in class as a physical representation. Along with that, we learnt about what can be learnt from dissections about how our body works. The practical was fun, educational and it gave us a greater understanding of the heart and how it works.” – Aryan C

“I liked cutting up the heart as I was able to see what it was really like inside, not just how the diagrams have shown me.” – Rhys T

“It was great! An educational opportunity, along with the chance to have a bit of fun. It gave me a better idea of the structure of the heart, that we are currently learning about in Biology.” – Akash H

22 May 2018

Senior School News