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R10 Pirate Day

Ahoy there me hearties! In their Geography lessons, R10 have been learning how to read, write and interpret 4 and 6 figure grid references.

On 7th June, R10 visited Port Eynon for their Pirate Day.  The pupils completed the various fun and exciting activities to reinforce their understanding of how to use a compass and read grid references, while in search of Pirate John Lucas’ s lost trove of hidden treasure. The pupils discovered how John Lucas of Port Eynon was for many years the organiser of the smuggling gangs in the Gower and how he became rich on the proceeds.

On a multi-sensory journey, the pupils were challenged to discover how their mapping skills could be applied in real life situations.  A wonderful time was had by all pupils. No walking the plank for this year’s R10 pirates, they were superb navigators and were able to find lots of hidden gold. Well done, R10!

Miss Nirenberg

20 June 2018

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