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R10 Trip to Oxwich Bay

R10 pupils, Mrs Clint and Mrs Giannotti, Mr Dennis and Miss Moody were lucky with the weather when they spent a whole day at Oxwich Bay exploring the concept of being washed up on a deserted island. Having first spent time sitting alone on the beach looking out to sea and thinking about their feelings, pupils then had a great team-building experience as they worked in groups to make maps of the island, considered the Rules of 3 and discovered how to create drinking water and find food.

The highlight of the day was the group work of building shelters. Each group was given a few wooden poles, some string and a tarpaulin, then they could use any other items they could find, for example, stones and seaweed. Some soon discovered that trying to build in the middle of the beach was not the best option and that the shelter of the dunes was better! Everyone sat in or under their shelters to eat their lunch. Pupils will be using their experiences on this day to enhance their work in English lessons when they write their survival stories.

Mrs Clint

24 November 2018

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