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R9 Trip to Cardiff Library

At the beginning of October, R9 enjoyed a successful and informative visit to Cardiff Central Library. There were two main purposes to the visit.  First, being able to look at the vast number of books available and secondly to learn about the library building and how it links to our geography topic.  The children enjoyed a tour of each floor and learnt about the colour coded system for each one. They saw the silent piano on the music floor and at the very top of the building they found out about the materials used to build the library.

They also learnt that the library has no light switches and that the lights are operated by sensors to save the problem of lights being left on or used when they are not needed. The windows are special because they keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter.  The roof of the building is covered in grass and a bird of prey visits every day to ensure that the seagulls don’t eat it.

The children then spent some time exploring the children’s section of the library, learning about how to borrow books, sitting on the unusual book shelf seats and finally getting to choose a book to borrow!  R9 really enjoyed their experience at Cardiff Central Library.

Mrs Criddle.

1 October 2013

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