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Debating Matters Competition

Four colleges and schools, including our debating teams, were up for the Qualifying Round in this prestigious debating competition in Cardiff.  Natalie Lloyd-Gale and Victor Alexa proposed that ‘social media improves our understanding of major world events.’ They were opposed by debaters from Cardiff Sixth Form College.  Both Natalie and Victor gave clear and cogent arguments for the motion.

After their presentations, both teams were rigorously questioned by three eminent judges who ‘took no prisoners’ when challenging them.  The teams were then subjected to further questioning from their rivals and the audience before summing up their arguments.  The whole process, including deliberative time for the judges, took over an hour.  Both teams sweated on the outcome and, after a unanimous declaration that there were adjudged neck-and-neck, the honours were narrowly awarded to our opponents.

The pointed, almost hostile, cross-questioning of both teams by the judges and audience gave that added frisson to the occasion, but Natalie and Victor acquitted themselves with aplomb. 

All in all this event was a highly educational experience and a memorable baptism of fire in the cauldron of competitive debate.

Mr Goode & Mr Neville.

13 November 2013

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