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R10 Trip to Cog Waterworks

On a blustery morning R10 set off to the waterworks where they participated in a workshop about the water cycle. In groups the class carried out several experiments to increase their understanding of the processes of evaporation and condensation. Matthew, the course leader, was very impressed by the knowledge the pupils demonstrated during these activities.

Following lunch, the pupils were asked to consider what items we should and should not flush down our toilets and they had to group materials accordingly. This led to some heated discussions! Kavin and Srinetra became scientists and had the dubious task of adding a variety of substances to the water supply, including toothpaste, kitchen roll, wet wipes, shampoo, cleaners and things best left unnamed. We then had a tour of the waterworks and the pupils were able to see the various processes involved in cleaning our dirty water so it can eventually returned to the sea. Everyone agreed that it was very smelly, especially, during the screening process where larger items are removed. The depth of the filter beds was also a surprise to many pupils. All of the pupils said that they had learnt a lot from the visit and would be able to tell their parents how important it is to save water.

Mrs Cooke.

18 November 2013

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