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Choir School to Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral

A member of The Society of Heads: accredited by the Independent Schools Council (ISC)

School notices

School Uniform Sale

The Summer Uniform Sale will be on Thursday 6th July from 2.30pm-4pm.

Weather permitting the sale will take place in the upper car park.

Weekly Sports Timetable

Extra-curricular activities will resume after the examination period.  Please speak to the PE department re. Golf and Table Tennis next week.  Thank you, PE Dept.

Cathedral Choir Music List

Cathedral Choir Music List

Whole School Extra-curricular Timetable

Extra-curricular Timetable

Sixth Form Extra-curricular Timetable

Sixth Form Extra-curricular Timetable

Dining Room Schedule

Dining Room Schedule

Welsh Language – ‘a helping hand’

Use of the Welsh language is encouraged throughout the school.  Please click on the link below for further help with useful day-to-day vocabulary:


Middle School Debating & Public Speaking Society

Middle School Debating

Senior History Debating & Public Speaking Society

Senior Debating

Sixth Form Debating & Public Speaking Society

Sixth Form Debating