A leading independent day school for boys & girls age 3-18

Choir School to Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral

A member of The Society of Heads: accredited by the Independent Schools Council (ISC)

Inspection Reports

The standards achieved by pupils across the school are extremely high.

Estyn Crown Copyright, 2018

Estyn Inspection Report (2018)

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The quality of teaching is an exceptional feature of the school’s work.

Estyn Crown Copyright, 2012

Estyn Inspection Report (2012)

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St John’s College achieved the overall ‘Excellent’ grade, including the seldom awarded ‘Excellent’ for Standards of Teaching.

  • The school’s current performance: ‘Excellent’
  • The school’s prospects for improvement: ‘Excellent’
  • How good are outcomes? ‘Excellent’
  • How good is provision? ‘Excellent’
  • Standards of Teaching: ‘Excellent’
  • How good are leadership and management?  ‘Excellent’

Throughout the school, there is a very strong sense of purpose, and a collective ownership and commitment to shared values and aims. The relentless emphasis on high expectations, particularly in the quality of teaching and learning has led to exceptional outcomes for pupils of all abilities.

Estyn Crown Copyright, 2012

Estyn Inspection Report (2006)

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The 2006 Estyn Inspection Report identified the following outstanding features at St John’s College:

“pupils listen attentively and speak very well … [and] behave well, are polite, confident and independent.”

“good quality after-school care.”

“outstanding features in the standards [that nursery] children achieve in language, literacy and communication and in their personal and social development.”

“Pupils in Years 5 and 6 benefit immensely from a blend of the subject-based approach associated with secondary studies and teaching styles that are appropriate to younger pupils.  This well-structured programme has a marked impact on standards and attitudes to learning, and enables pupils to make a smooth and successful transition from primary to secondary level.”

“As part of this ‘accelerated learning’ programme, pupils:
– begin to study modern foreign languages in the primary school;
– commence key stage 3 courses, based on the National Curriculum, in Year 6;
– start GCSE courses in Year 9.
– listen very attentively to other pupils’ views and opinions as well as teachers’ exposition, questions and instructions.”

“[Sixth form & all key stages] speak with considerable confidence, using a wide range of vocabulary and displaying a very good grasp of subject-related terms.”

“an excellent college orchestra achieves extremely high standards of performance … many pupils achieve very high standards of performance in a range of extra-curricular musical activities.”

“the [Cathedral] choir performs outstandingly well in a range of music from different historical periods.”

The leadership has established an exceptional ethos and sense of purpose throughout the school.

Estyn Crown Copyright, 2006