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Admissions Policy

Application to St John’s College is made by completing an Application Form, often following a preliminary visit by parents of a prospective pupil. The prospective pupil is usually invited to join us for a normal school day. Evaluations of the pupil’s academic potential and social awareness are made by staff in considering making an offer of a place. The final decision to allocate a place rests with the Head who is advised by senior colleagues. Cognitive Attainment Tests will be administered both as a basis for assessing future progress and to ensure a match between the school’s teaching programme and the ability of the candidate. We are keen to ensure that both pupil and parents will embrace the ethos of the school. We expect pupils and parents to support the school ethos in matters of work, disposition, full participation in the life of the school, and adherence to codes of conduct, dress and appearance.

Please note that all applications require a £100 non-refundable registration fee.

Year System at St John’s College

St John’s College has a system of naming year groups according to the age that pupils will reach in that academic year.  For example, pupils in R12 (‘R’ stands for ‘rising’) will have their 12th birthday during the course of that academic year.  Accordingly, R12 is the equivalent of ‘Year 7’ in the maintained sector, while R8 is the equivalent of ‘Year 3’.

Sixth Form Application Key Dates

For more information about Sixth Form applications for 2020/21, please click HERE.

Admissions Policy Document