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Junior School Open Afternoon

On Thursday, 14th February we welcomed our parents into the Junior School.

The R11 Prefects and Librarians took groups of parents on a tour around the Junior classrooms where their peers, from R8 to R11, demonstrated their subject knowledge and skills across a variety of curriculum subjects. We had pupils dramatizing the three witches from Macbeth in English; Science experiments demonstrating reversible and irreversible; pupils teaching parents long multiplication and long division in Mathematics; Geography Q and A on an interactive whiteboard; World War II rations in History; various apps on modelled in ICT; various creative techniques in Art linked to their studies of the Romans and Urdd activities in Welsh.

Parents were impressed by the confidence and welcoming nature of the pupils, both tour guides as well as pupils in the classrooms. They also commented on the variety of teaching strategies and knowledge and the stimulating environment. Some parents, from our younger years, enjoyed seeing how their children would be taught in the Upper Juniors. The pupils should be very proud of their ideas and efforts. Many pupils asked if they could do this every day!

Thank you to pupils, staff and parents.
Mrs Thompson

2 March 2019

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