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Success at the F1 in Schools Regional Finals

On Tuesday 19th February three of St John’s F1 teams attended the Regional Finals at Cardiff City Stadium.

Our Entry Class Team were the winners of our in-house competition, Team BLACKOUT, alongside our accomplished Development Class team, INFINITY RACING, and our Professional team, THE EXCEPTION.

Each team had worked incredibly hard in the run-up to the competition, using every break, lunch and after school to work on their pit display, folios and verbal presentation.

After setting up their pits and receiving their judging times the teams set about networking and learning about the other teams in the competition.

The judging comprises many elements alongside the construction of a CO2 powered car. Teams are required to develop a verbal presentation explaining their journey to the final. The scrutiny of the car is the most nerve-wracking as you find out if you have adhered to the strict rules for designing and also enterprise judging where the teams had to explain about their identity and display work.

Each team had prepared each aspect to the highest standard and competition was strong.

It was soon time to race and all three cars looked promising. Blackout and Infinity Racing managed to complete all four of their races but unfortunately, The Exception’s car was so fast, as it hit the buffers at the end of the track the front wing snapped which resulted in only three races for them!

At 3pm the teams were instructed to sit and wait for the presentations. Expectations amongst the teams were high and the nerves started to show as Stephen Lane started to announce the winners.

Entry class were the first to be announced and we couldn’t contain our excitement when TEAM BLACKOUT was announced as both ‘Best Engineered Car’ and overall winners!

Development class followed this and to all our delight INFINITY RACING received the award for best pitstop,’Best Engineered Car’ and overall winners for their class!

The EXCEPTION had a lot to live up to, but as their car had so many issues during racing they were worried that it was not their year. However, it seems that they had done enough, and the boys were placed third in the Professional Class.

This meant that all three teams from St John’s had got to the National Finals at AIRBUS! An outstanding achievement for St John’s and something we don’t think has happened before to any other schools. Both Infinity Racing and The Exception will now compete against all the top placing UK F1 teams for a chance to get to the World competition. Team Blackout won the “Golden Ticket” a chance to spend the day at Nationals to get tips for their progress into development class.

Alongside our teams, we took our rookie team EVOLUTION to experience the day and Layth as our videographer. They had a terrific time and were a credit to the school.

We are delighted by the teams’ success and wish them well at Nationals. Thank you to all the companies and parents who have supported and sponsored the pupils and if you would like to get involved please email the school.

3 March 2019

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