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Techniquest Visits Juniors

On Wednesday, 26th March, Techniquest visited the Juniors with their workshop, “Magical Materials”. This took the form of a magic show where white rabbits were made to appear; a wire read our minds and formed the word, “HOT”; “solids” flowed through holes; water disappeared; and rubber ducks changed colour.

The show explored the properties of solids, liquids and gases, and the pupils were encouraged by Mr Techniquest to offer their own explanations for what they observed. All year groups watched in fascination and learnt a lot from the show.
“My favourite trick was the birthday cake trick because the candles went out with baking powder and vinegar.” Rishi
“My favourite part was the three water cups because everyone thought he was going to pour
water on his head, but the water didn’t go on his head.” Daniel
“My favourite part of Techniquest was the mindreading wire. We all thought of the word hot and the man heated a wire with a hairdryer and the wire said hot.” Poppy.

26 March 2014

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