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Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Trip R8 and R9

The day dawned bright and clear, and a frisson of excitement coursed through the form rooms. Trip day!

Children poured off the coach and first of all tackled the outdoor playground, climbing and swinging like monkeys. Then it was a short trek to the Giraffe House ready for the first of our informative talks. Genevieve and Kito were the cow and bull giraffes housed at the zoo, and the keeper explained how you could tell the difference between them; the females have hairy horns!

Big cats and elephants came next, and another fascinating,fact-filled talk from the elephant keeper. Noah’s Ark Zoo has decided to house only male elephants who in the wild are naturally evicted from their herd, which is a matriarchal society. They will then be rehoused throughout Europe when a zoo has a female who is ready to breed.

A restful lunch sat on the lawn, followed by a gentle amble through more of the animals. The visit culminated in a visit to the Gift Shop and then the children tackled the indoor play barn. The more intrepid launched themselves off the “Death Slide”, whereas Miss T joined in on the more sedate Rainbow Slide. A final farewell to the monkeys, and then it was time to return home; hot, tired, but having had a fantastic day, and having learnt a great deal about how zoos help care for the animals entrusted to them.

11 July 2019

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