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R9 Trip to Llancaiach Fawr

After many months, we were so excited to go on a school trip again!  We started with a tour of the manor house.  It was fascinating to hear how boys would clean the chimney with holly bushes and a goose. Another poor spit-boy had to sit by the hot fire turning the spit with a pig or sheep bigger than him.  The dairymaid also told us that the Tudors thought that toothache happened when you had worms in your teeth!

We participated in a workshop where we learned how the Tudors made ink.  We had the opportunity to try writing with goose feathers – it was pretty tricky not to blot the ink.  Then we played some Tudor children games – our favourite was the handkerchief game.

We were able to take part in a court case.  The fishmonger was accused of selling rotten fish.  He was found guilty and because he couldn’t pay the fine, he had to go to the stocks for two hours. We were all glad that nobody threw rotten fish at us and that we could return to school.

8 June 2021

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