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Netball – SJC vs Corpus Christi 29/09/21

We played against the Corpus Chisti High School Year 7 (R12) team on the 29th of September 2021. Both our team and the Corpus squad split into two. 

On the Corpus side was the blue and pink team, while on the SJC were gold and green. 

The Corpus Pink team played our  SJC Green team. The Corpus Pinks were not to be underestimated and their attack was unrelenting and strong, despite the SJC Greens being taller and determined. It is fair to say that we all played to the best of our abilities but in the end, we were decisively defeated, 20-0. Nobody’s spirits were broken though and we all took this as a sign to work harder ahead of our next match. The player of the match on our side was Isabel.

On the other end of the playground, the Corpus Blue team faced off against the SJC Gold team. Throughout the game, the quality of both sides improved dramatically. We played less sloppily and more precisely and by the end, we were tired but victorious. We won 6-1. The player of the match on our side was Bella.

In the end, although we lost one game and won the other we all took it as a win and went off with our heads held high, smiling and singing in the bus.

Anais M (R13)

30 September 2021

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