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Techniquest Visits Juniors

It was with much excitement that the pupils filed into the Hall, removed their shoes and sat down, eager to see what “The Techniquest Man” was going to do this year. They were not disappointed.

The topic for this year’s visit was “Forces”. Pupils were given an informative introduction to this diverse subject, and were entertained by many demonstrations. Pushes and pulls, Newton’s Laws of Motion, magnetism, and friction were all covered in what was a most enjoyable hour for each year group.

Pupils fired catapults to show that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. An electromagnet was used in a tug-of-war, and Mrs Burleton demonstrated an excellent technique when throwing magnetic darts. Unfortunately, as hers were the same pole as the dartboard, she did not win!

Air resistance and a parachute helped Dalton the Duck to land safely; pupils sat on mats of different materials and were dragged with varying degrees of success across the floor; and the pièce de resistance was a ride on a child-sized hovercraft, which drifted noisily across the hall floor on a cushion of air.

It was then time for shoes to be put on, the hall to be left, and new found knowledge to be discussed. “Techniquest Man’s” mission was over for another year!

Mrs Teidemann

13 April 2016

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