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R11 Trip to Hooke Court

On 15th May, R11 went on a residential trip to Hooke Court in Dorset.  I think we picked the rainiest three days of May.   R11 were tasked with various challenges throughout the three days, starting with learning how to put a duvet cover on a duvet. Some pupils had practised at home!

The first afternoon was filled with learning orienteering skills and an evening spent using clues and detective skills to find a missing person. The following day, the pupils enjoyed archery, kayaking and raft building. All rafts stayed afloat – although some of the pupils did take a plunge. In the evening, we enjoyed campfire songs and jokes around an indoor makeshift fire, as the rain was now very heavy.

On the final morning, we ventured into the forest for shelter building, still in the pouring rain, although the trees did provide some shelter. All the pupils enjoyed their action packed few days and seemed oblivious to the incessant rain. Exhausted, but happy pupils, returned to St John’s.

Mrs Thompson

15 May 2017

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