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Former pupil, Mary W, at Balliol College, Oxford

Congratulations to Mary W, ex-pupil of St John’s, who was invited by the UKMT to attend summer school at Balliol College, Oxford. Mary travelled all the way from China especially to attend.

Mary says:

“I very much enjoyed the summer school, we did a lot of Maths! It is quite different from normal school because we focus more on the ways to consider a problem rather than solving it, and we normally focus on one question and explore it in depth for a session, which is 90 minutes long.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt during this week is to collaborate in teams and to discuss the problem rather than solving it all by yourself. Different people may consider the problem from different aspects, so you are also learning from other people during this process. The staff there were absolutely amazing, they have broadened our thinking in maths, and offered us opportunities to meet other people who are also interested and good in Maths. I feel that this experience will benefit me in a lot of ways in Maths the future, and even in other subjects as well.”

Well done, Mary. The Maths Department at St John’s are very proud of you!

Miss Owen

15 September 2017

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