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Enterprise Activities for R12-R14

In the Autumn term at St John’s College, enterprise activities are organised for pupils in R12-14. These activities are held with the view of developing communicating, creative, problem solving and team working skills for the future. These skills are essential in any profession and developing these at a young age only develops them further.

R12 had to demonstrate creativity and the ability to work as a team to design outfits out of raw materials such as newspaper and card. The models were then presented to the whole year by the team and judged by various teachers. Two teams were eventually rewarded for excellent designs!

The R13 pupils took on different roles in their activity e.g. accountant, general foreman etc… whilst reproducing a hidden model only seen by one pupil who was the architect. Pupils were only allowed to undertake specific tasks and had to eventually build a replica of the model. Four of the ten groups managed to get the correct costings for the build this year, a feat which has never happened before. Well done R13!

R14 undertook an exciting group task where they had to create a new and innovative product; a product that wasn’t already on the market. Each group had to sketch out ideas for the product, design a poster and present their ideas to the rest of the year group. Their ideas were interesting and inventive, showing excellent understanding of the brief. Entrepreneurs in the making, watch out Dragons’ Den!

19 September 2017

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