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F1 in Schools Success

On Friday, 9th March 2018, St John’s College attended the regional final of F1 in Schools at Cardiff City Stadium. Three teams were entered; Infinity – Entry Class, Stormbreakers – Development Class and The Exception – Professional Class. Each team worked incredibly hard in the run up to the competition and displayed excellent team work, we are so proud of each and everyone of them.
The competition excites and challenges pupils imagination and creativity within engineering, pushing them to explore and test the science behind designing a model F1 car and how they can make it the fastest car. However, it’s not all about how fast the car is, the pupils work together to produce portfolios that document their journey as well as design and manufacture a pit display.
Here’s a bit about the teams and how well they did at the regional final:
  • The Exception came 1st in the Professional Class and will represent South Wales in the national final at Silverstone on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March. They also won the ‘Best Engineered Car’ award and the ‘Sponsorship and Marketing’ award. The judges were very impressed with all aspects of their work, especially their verbal presentation where they displayed great enthusiasm and innovation.
“Well what can we say. The pure elation and joy we experienced in the moment our names were called out was overwhelming. It didn’t really set in for a while but when it did we realised all the blood, sweat and toil that we all spent was well worth it in the end. Everyone both hates and loves F1 at the same time and we can not wait for the next competition.” – The Exception
  • Stormbreakers came 4th in the Development Class and won the ‘Judges Recommendation’ award. The team worked hard on their pit display and won over the judges and public with their daffodils and homemade welsh cakes. They also presented confidently and enthusiastically to the judges in the verbal presentation.
  • Infinity came 2nd in the Entry Class. Their design process and CAD drawings achieved full marks in the competition, demonstrating excellent knowledge and understanding of the brief. Their uniform looked the part, too – great team identity. What an amazing achievement for your first year of competing.
Amazing experience, we all learnt so much. Incredible” – Daniel Andrews, Design Engineer.
For more information on F1 in Schools, take a look at their website: http://www.f1inschools.co.uk/
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12 March 2018

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