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Middle School Reading Challenge

“In 1940, on average, boys from every background were reading six books a month and girls seven.” (Alex Quigley, NATE)

With this striking research in mind, our new R12 pupils and current R13 were set the challenge of reading at least three books over the eight-week summer holiday, to try and match boys’ and girls’ reading habits of the 1940s.

A website was created where pupils could record what books they had read and write a recommendation for other pupils. The challenge was met with great enthusiasm as 29 pupils took part, from both R12 and R13, and in total, they read 112 books over the summer.

A varied repertoire of literature was devoured during the course of the challenge: modern favourites like Harry Potter and contemporary fiction such as Wonder. Whilst some valiantly conquered classics Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

There were three pupils, in particular, who shone brightly. Harry Jones in R12, who read a total of six books, came in third place. In second place was Rowan Downie, in R13, who read a total of eight books over the course of the challenge. But, in the lead by far, was first place winner Holly Jones in R12, who read an astonishing 11 books! Holly, Rowan and Harry were given prizes and certificates for their gallant efforts; Holly, being an avid reader, was given Charles Lamb’s Shakespeare for Children, which is a brilliant and inspiring re-telling of Shakespeare’s much-loved, classic plays.

Well done to all of R12 and R13 who made this such a success! The English Department hope to run this challenge again next summer.

Reading is the staple of English as it enables us to develop our vocabulary, comprehension skills and our writing as well as develop insight into other worlds. For fervent readers, look out for our next literacy challenge: Readathon. More details will be given out in your English lessons.

Miss Staples.

1 September 2013

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