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R10 Trip to Cylfyndd Waste Water Treatment Centre

On 12th October R10 visited Cylfyndd Waste Water Treatment Centre. This trip reinforced their learning and understanding of how Welsh Water borrow water from the water cycle, clean it, use it and clean it again before returning the water to the environment.

The pupils took part in numerous fun experiments to reinforce evaporation and condensation, a treasure hunt linked to saving water, some wet but extremely fun games about the water cycle and showed their excellent and impressive maths skills, by calculating how much water is wasted by leaving a tap to drip over a year. During their visit, the pupils learnt about the sights and smells of the Waste Water Treatment Works and discovered how sewage was cleaned as well as investigating how pollution impacts on our natural environment.

This thoroughly interesting and enjoyable trip helped the pupils to become global citizens, with an understanding of water sustainability and its impact on the local community.

By Miss Nirenberg

15 October 2018

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